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The Dental Spa concept is basically turning a normal visit to the dentist into a pleasant experience. How? Through the use of the best technology that will guarantee patients the minimal annoyances as well as treating them with small details that will ease their relaxation.

The dental clinic Font d´en Fargas and Doctor Carlos Saiz have recently launched at Barcelona a privileged clinic were patients can relax and transform a dentist visit onto a confortable and pleasant experience thanks to a space absolutely created to minimize anxiety.

The 400m2 dental clinic is illuminated with warm color changing LED lights (technique known as chromotherapy) which create an instantly relaxing sensational environment. Plasma screens bring to you relaxing images that minimize anxiety.The characteristic smells of a clinic disappear at Font den Fargas thanks to a seductive aromatherapy system by the hand of: Dyptique Paris. An aromatherapy technique that transforms the clinic and each patient is immersed in a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being.

Patients can also request during their visit or treatment; wireless earphones to enjoy chill out music and neck pillows to lower cervical tension.

As for the last high technology equipment, the Dental Spa brings to you the program: “Zero Dolor” (Pain Zero). A needle free computerized anesthetic, commonly known as “The Sta wand”. This new anesthetic is the perfect answer for all those patients that suffer needle phobia and also it’s ideal for children.

Besides the conventional odontology treatments, you are also welcome to enjoy natural treatments as; kinesiology, cranial osteopathy and posturology. These treatments are thought for all those patients that suffer muscular disorders associated to pathologies as; the bruxism or dental treatment phobias.

And for our most demanding patients or those who want to enjoy an intimate and ultra-relaxing space; we welcome you all, to our private lounge.

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