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Originally, teeth were bound to last a life time; but often the reality is another. We are lucky as implants offer a secure and comfortable solution. You can return to eat, speak and laugh the natural way; as if it was your “second pair of teeth”. Only two to four of these small titanium roots are needed to offer enough retention to a complete prosthesis. With six implants it is already possible to fix a long lasting bridge. Regardless your chosen solution, the maxillary and jaw bone reliability and stability will guarantee you a high secure and a comfortable sensation. This treatment is a good choice at any age and on practically any initial situation. Even more important; you will never be without teeth. Dr. Saiz will make you a provisional prosthesis that will be finished on the same intervention day.

The best solution from all points of view.

Lose prosthesis that move or painful pressure points? With the implants from CLÍNICA fONT d´ EN FARGAS, this is part of the past. Your “new teeth” function the same way as their natural predecessors and remain firmly and reliably fixed onto the bone; there is nothing that can move them or make them change position. If you have chosen a fixed prosthesis treatment; it is possible to completely do without the prosthesis pink acrylic. With a fixed prosthesis, you maintain your natural teeth and these integrate harmonically in your prosthesis. The Dr. Saiz implants imitate the design of the natural tooth root, by this; the bone and the gum are loaded perfectly, which highly contributes on maintaining them for many years to come.

If you have now had a complete prosthesis for quite some time, it is possible that the bone may remain too smooth or plain thin for an implant to be placed onto. On those cases, the Dr. Carlos Saiz can reconstruct your bone carefully; with the patient’s own tissues or material similar to the bone.

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