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Life leaves footprints behind, also in teeth. Maybe a toothless space is getting bigger as time goes by or an ancient prosthesis starts giving problems. Implants can return to your dental arches an untouched appearance again. With an individual implant, you can restore the initial situation on an especially elegant manner; as every tooth is replaced individually. If there is an absence of various adjacent teeth; you can also choose a fixed bridge on the implants. Besides the treatment chosen on all the available treatments; your new dental roots will assume the tasks of natural molars on a reliable manner. A made to measure crown or bridge closes any space in a precise and esthetic manner; without any difference compared to your original teeth.

The best solution from all points of view.

The implants are the perfect solution; esthetic, durable and reliable. The natural teeth remain untouched and there is no need to carve them, as it happens with a conventional bridge. In cases were spaces without teeth are situated on the extreme of the arcade (a free extreme); these small high technology implants also are the best solution. The Implants at CLÍNICA FONT d´ EN FARGAS reproduce the design of the natural tooth root. By this, the bone and the gum are loaded and adapt perfectly. Unlike with removable prosthesis; annoying retention hooks are not required.

Your implants can be placed immediately after extracting your teeth, but also at any other moment afterwards. If it has been a long time since you have been without a tooth (teeth), it is possible that the absence of incidence loads has made the bone too flat or smooth for an implant to be placed onto. On these cases, it is possible to reconstruct with the patient´s own tissues or with a material similar to the bone.

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