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Unfortunately an accident can rapidly take place and we can lose a tooth; an accident while practicing a sport or a fall in our daily life’s. Implants are a quick and simple solution. Without a doubt an implant is the closest you will never be to an original tooth. It feels the same as a natural tooth and also functions in an identical way. The small and effective titanium implants of DENTSPLY Friadent take on the duties of the original natural dental root. On them a new individual dental crown is fixed; so everything is back on the right place, on a totally natural way, as if nothing ever happened.

The best solution from all points of view.

Once the implants are placed, they occupy exactly the same position as your natural tooth. Especially in the areas that are not visible at a glance: the implants of CLÍNICA DENTAL FONT d´ EN FARGAS imitate the form of the natural tooth root. By this, the bone and gum load and adapt perfectly. The healthy teeth are not touched and unlike the conventional bridges there is no need to carve them. Also unlike on the cases of partial removable prosthesis; metallic hooks on adjacent teeth to obtain an additional support are not required. With implant, all the previous stated situations are completely unnecessary. Implants are an achieved solution from all points of view with a fantastic esthetics.

Furthermore; now we use totally ceramic crowns to obtain surprising results.

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