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The porcelain or ceramic dental veneers is the chosen technique in cases of severe dental crowding as well as on the cases were the dental arcade is less perfect. On many of the cases a previous bracket treatment will be required; although we must point out that it is not essential.

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The first’s porcelain or ceramic veneers emerged on the 20´s, and were the answer towards the requests of many famous film stars that wanted to captivate their public with a perfect smile.

Although at the beginning veneers were not permanent and could only be used while filming a scene, with time the technique has improved and now days it is possible to adhere them as permanent.

At the time to be placed, a small preparation on the enamel surface is generally required ranging from 0 ´5 to 0´8 mm. This is the clear difference between conventional and Lumineers veneers. Once the surface preparation is done, provisional veneers are positioned and approximately in two weeks the patient can look good with the smile he had always wished for.

There is a wide range of colors for this type of ceramics which will permit great results; obtaining absolutely natural smiles.

The treatment and price may vary depending on each client needs.

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