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Invisaling, good bye brackets

This dental correction technique is a true revolution on the esthetic world. To correct the teeth there is no need for brackets; just a changeable mold of the teeth is needed.

The procedure is very simple, firstly the molds are created and the clients bite is registered together with patients x-rays and photographs. The registered data is then sent to the Align Technology institute in the United States through advanced images technology. Align Technology will then transform the patient’s models onto a digital 3-D great precision image in order to create a sequence of the treatment according to the patient´s individual treatment plan.

A computerized film on the progress of the patient dental pieces complete from the starting to the final position is sent online to the Doctor Saiz. The video can be easily viewed with the Align Technology 3-D patented; ClinCheck software. Thanks to this last high-tech software you can check the step to step evolution of your dental movements, as well as the final position. ClinCheck also gives the possibility to make any requested or required modifications along the treatment to adjust perfectly to the real situation and needs.

Once the treatment is approved by the patient, Align Technology manufactures a series of transparent and solid aligners. These will be completed with sequenced models that need to be changed on a regular time period basis. Each aligner will specify a particular and unique incorporated sequence movement. The patient can use the aligners at all times, except when they are; eating, drinking, teeth brushing or using dental floss. Normally a change of aligners will be required every two weeks.

The results are brilliant; completely straightened dental pieces without the use of brackets.

Besides this last generation treatment, at Dr. Carlos Saiz’s Clinic, you will also be able to choose other treatments as; children´s orthodontics, metallic or esthetic brackets and lingual orthodontics.

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